More and more business leaders are aware that the area where people work contributes greatly to the profile of the company. An office building is more than just the place where workers come together to carry out their tasks or greet their customers. The company location is becoming more important in HR policy as well as playing a larger role in the Sales and Marketing strategy.

Are you considering a move to another building?

We have already laid out a few important points for consideration:

  1. To rent or to buy?A question that more and more business leaders ask themselves. Low interest rates mean that the purchase of business premises is a more attractive scenario to many small and medium companies.
  2. The need for flexibility for future growth? Make sure this is foreseen in any contract that you sign today. Many property owners are prepared to think this through with you. Look out for buildings that are partially rented out and where your company could occupy the remaining space. This may be a larger investment but the rental income can provide a direct return.
  3. Is it necessary to move? Or can we optimise our current space? Does the space still meet current needs? Are the price conditions optimal? Could small changes to the contract allow the company some more breathing space?

Would you like to know more? is a real estate professional who knows the area. Please contact us, talk in detail about your office requirements and let us advise. you. Our consultants know the office building potential and market opportunities. Don’t just look at photos, plans and price lists. Go out together on the road. An on-site visit can allow new ideas and perspectives to flourish.